Amrita Personal Health Record

Electronic tool for managing all of your health and medical
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Detailed records of your health history
Shared with your clinician
Simplify registration process
Advanced security systems
What Lees
Authorized users have access to the Web
Using a cloud server
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Any possible screen size.

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design user interfaces should adapt layouts
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Exclusive health content, Store Locator
Prescription refills
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Amrita Personal Health Record (APHR) is an electronic tool for managing all of your health and medical information in one USB Flash Drive. APHR includes information about your health and medication history, emergency contact information, allergies etc. An Internet-based tool that allows people to access and coordinate their lifelong health information and make appropriate parts of it available to those who need it. PHRs offer an integrated and comprehensive view of health information, Including information people generate themselves such as symptoms and medication use, information from doctors such as diagnoses and test result, and information from their pharmacies. People access their PHRs using the internet,with the help of state-of-the-art security and privacy measures, at any time and from any location

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Information at your
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Amrita Personal Health Record

Over a period spanning 1996 and 2013 US spending on personal healthcare and public health has increased considerably and now amounts to about 17% of the national economy. The highest amounts of spending by disease category go to diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and low back and neck pain. While diseases strike every nation and every community, the major causes of death in nations the World Bank classifies as high income countrie's” present challenges to the care giver nonetheless. As the nation'’s lawmakers try to bring more and more focus on optimized patient care, the onus falls on the citizen to become more and more aware of his and her own health and its management. Whole new standards in documenting healthcare management have come into existence over a ten year cycle; the streamlining and adding more standards continues. The nation’'s administration that ended its tenure at the close of year brought in epoch making changes to patient care delivery mechanisms. While it is hoped salient healthcare milestones and the principles will not be

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