How does Amrita Personal Health Record APHR work?

After consultation the take home documents can be either downloaded to the APHR device from the HIS and or uploaded directly to cloud based portal. Device supports manual uploads of medical docs from external labs/hospitals. Device supports scanned pages, photos and manual entry of home medication, vitals etc. Medical records can be shared and communication can be made through portal.

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Patient Notes

In order to better leverage coordination and continuity, the patient is empowered to make entries into the PHR with specific areas earmarked for such updating. Coordination and Combination of Information

from Multiple Providers is thus possible where patient himself makes the updates (or Proxies authorized by the patient). Much of what goes on as treatment happens outside clinical settings. While this feature may hinder the professionalism of the application as an entirely software (EMR) controlled cycle, it requires educating the patient or his proxies in the accurate use of the tool as inaccurate entries may prove even fatal.