Amrita Personal Health Record APHR on Android Devices

  Private & Portable

  Easy to Update

  Full functionality at your fingertips

  Software included on device

   As Smartphone uptake explodes in India, mobile accessible PHR provides instant connects to your complete health data.

  • Cloud PHR
  • Store all your health records in a secure cloud
  • Seamless integration to Amrita HIS – Transfer records at the click of a button
  • Public area for access by physicians, emergency care professionals
  • Private area for your personal documents and data
  • Access your personal health records any time anywhere, when you need it most
  • Cloud PHR + Wearable Device
  • Designer Data storage device in various colors and options
  • Extra storage for all your daily computer needs
  • Can be synced easily to your cloud PHR
  • Critical to have in emergency situations
  • Cloud PHR + Wearable Device +
    24hr Call-In Service
  • 24/7 access to a live person to retrieve medical records
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited calls